Saturday, March 5, 2011

NAHBS 'Best in Show' Details

A few images of the NAHBS 'Best in Show' bike in progress. I'll have some images of the completed bike next week, but its tough to properly show this kind of thin, profiled lug work when the bike is painted, so these images may be the best way to get an idea of the time spent here to make it right.

The chain guide looks simple, but is far from it. The cage is first machined out of stainless then the 4 pieces of stainless are silver brazed together. Next the clamp and a thin sleeve are machined. The sleeve fits within the clamp and when the clamp is tightened, it gently pushes the adjustment rod against the back of the sleeve, holding it tight and protecting the paint on the seat tube.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

DiNucci Cycles 'Best in Show' at NAHBS

Wow, it must have been those bolos we made for Austin or the boots or maybe the hand tooled western mudflap. Either way, we are very happy about the results.......