Saturday, April 3, 2010


Never let it be said that the Oregon builders don’t know a good joint when they see it! More than 20 years after Jim Merz & I pioneered bonded titanium/carbon frames at Specialized, Bruce has decided to roll his own. Despite first apprenticing in Oakland under Albert, Bruce is one of the original Oregon builders and I’m glad to see that after all these years we are still sticking together!

Here is a picture of Jim, Bruce (hidden) & me going on a ride in the 70’s (when the 3 of us comprised the entire Oregon framebuilding population-now 10 times that size!) and 2 more of Bruce and me puzzling the same design problem in the 80’s and today.

If you are in San Diego April 9 -11, stop on by the San Diego Custom Bicycle Show, where Bruce and I will be discussing the finer points of handmade bicycles, Bruce’s fez collection and Bruce will host a special ‘after hours’ roll-your-own demonstration.


  1. I believe the tube holding setup used on the table is the same one Alex Meade is manufacturing and selling on his web site. Not positive though, but worth a look. No need to reinvent the wheel.

    Richard Long
    Richard Long Cycles
    Temecula, CA

  2. No - it is the same table in both pictures.
    It is Mike Lopez's setup that was used in both photos - separated by about 22 years.
    It was a great honor to have my new Carbon tubed - TI lugged frame bonded on a table with such history. The frame is being painted and will be on display at the San Diego Custom Bike Show next weekend -

    Bruce Gordon

  3. Any chance you might give me credit for the photo?

    - James Mason