Monday, February 22, 2010

By far, the nicest images of my bike were taken by Emir Ibrahimpasic, a Portland photographer with an aesthetic that fits perfectly with what I am trying to do in metal. You can see the full range of his work on Flickr, under the name 'Scurvey Knaves'.


  1. Hi! I wanted to ask you more about this bike @ the show this weekend but you were being interviewed for a podcast or some such...I really love everything about this bike. I'd love to know more about building the frame, and details about the group and accessories.Thanks!

  2. Well, here are a few details about the group:

    Crankset- 1965 Campagnolo Sport cotterless steel arms with a custom chainring, modeled after a 50's Williams pattern.

    Pedals- Early 80's Barrelli Supreme Stainless. One of the finest track pedals ever made with butter smooth bearings. Toshi Keirin toestraps.

    Hubs- Phil 38th anniversary, modeled after design work I did for a friend on some hubs Phil showed at NAHBS in 06.

    Rims- Early 80's Mavic G40's

    Tires- Challenge 700x27 Paris Roubaix

    Seatpost- A really rare Campy Super record internal expanding seatpost, highly modified to fit this bike and show off the binderless seatlug.

    Saddle- 70's Cinelli Unicanitor, recovered with Italian calf skin in-house

    Bars/Stem- Nitto, with bars covered with Italian Calf skin in-house

    Brakes - 70's Campy Nuovo Record with custom wet molded leather brake hoods by a Japanese Artisan (forgot his name)

    The only accessory I can think of is the DiNucci brand hot sauce.....

  3. Thanks for that. This whole thing is a lot of hot sauce. My favorite is the built-in lights. Did you make those, and the fenders too?